#80 Not being overwhelmed with overwhelm

Are you feeling overwhelmed with lots of pressure? Angelos and Mo discuss different ways that overwhelm can effect you and some ways to help you manage the overwhelm.

#079 New Year – New You

We are a week into the new year and have you started actioning all of your big plans? Angelos and Mo discuss the importance of continued effort throughout the year and taking advantage of the new year break to recharge and refocus.

#078 Simon Zutshi

The first podcast of the year is with mutli-millionaire property entrepreneur, business owner and speaker Simon Zutshi. He talks to us about how he got started, what he spends his time doing now, as well as giving some great advice for those wanting to get started in property, or scale their property business!

#077 2018 – a year in review

In this special episode, Angelos and Mo discuss what has been an incredible year both for the podcast, the book, as well as personally and professionally. This episode is packed with some of the best insight from guests of the podcast in 2018 as well as the 10 key traits of success from the Your Success Book (which is out NOW on Amazon, don’t think we’ve mentioned that much). Enjoy!

#076 Interview with Daniel Priestley

In this episode, Angelos and Mo speak with international entrepreneur and business owner, speaker and father Daniel Priestley. The episode is full of great, actionable advice for start up entrepreneurs as well as those looking to scale their business! Oh, and top tips on fatherhood too, enjoy!

#075 Angelos Sanders – a brief history

In this episode, Angelos Sanders is interviewed about his career up to now. From starring in the Theatre Royal, to investing millions of pounds worth in property. Sit back, relax and listen to a brief history of his journey so far!

#074 State of the UK Property Market with 2019 predictions with Richard Rabin

What is the current and future state of the property market? We discuss with guest Richard Rabin, the current state of the property market and what we need to be aware of in the coming year from both an investors and tenants point of view.

#072 Team GB Paralympic athlete James Roberts talks about his journey from monkey bars to the Olympics!

Team GB Paralympic athlete James Roberts talks about his inspirational journey from monkey bars to the Olympics!

#071 Interview with Mark Wright (2014 Apprentice winner) discussing the gruelling Apprentice audition process and working with Lord Sugar

In this special edition podcast, Mo speaks to 2014 Apprentice winner and now business partner of Lord Sugar, Mark Wright. They discuss Mark’s journey including lessons learned from the gruelling Apprentice auditions process, what it’s like to work with Lord Sugar and top tips for entrepreneurs and business owners. Check out Mark and Lord Sugar’s business www.climb-online.co.uk for more info. And don’t forget to grab a copy of the Your Success Book with top tips for success consolidated into the ten key traits of success, available now at tiny.cc/yourboo