#088 A day in the life of… Mo – learn what he does on an average day to grow his businesses

A day in the life of… Part 1 of 2. People often wonder what exactly does Mo do? Hear it from the man himself and learn what happens on a day to day basis growing a multi-million pound business and running a podcast!

#087 Casual or Committed to achieving your success?

How committed are you to creating the best version of yourself and your success? Angelos and Mo talk about the differences between people who achieve great things and people who are merely interested and often fail at achieving what they want from life.

#086 Are you celebrating wins along the way?

We are all determined to be successful but are you celebrating wins along the way to help you recharge and appreciate how far you have come?

#085 The Power of Networking and why you should be doing it more!

Did you know that the size of network is directly related to the size of your net worth? Angelos and Mo discuss the importance of growing or creating your own network!

#084 Interview with a FinTech CEO. Mike Bristow, CEO of CrowdProperty

Mike Bristow is CEO of CrowdProperty, and in this episode he discusses top tips for climbing the corporate ladder, as well as the challenges in being a CEO of fast growth FinTech start up, CrowdProperty and balancing family life at the same time. For more information, check out www.crowdproperty.com

#083 Interview with multiple Invictus Gold medal winner Mark Ormrod

Mark Ormrod has achieved many great things in his life but he added to that list of achievements by winning multiple Gold medals at The Invictus games last year. He talks to Angelos and Mo about his training, mindset and how he achieved this! Also, he talks about his new book and what he did on TV show Lorraine!

#082 How to write and publish your book!

Nicole Bremner, Angelos and Mo have a roundtable discussion about how Angelos and Mo wrote and published their Amazon Number 1 Bestselling Book, ‘Your Success’ and lessons learnt along the way and how you can also start writing your book!

#081 The power of Podcasting! How and why you should start a podcast and some of the lessons learnt along the way.

Nicole Bremner, Angelos and Mo have a roundtable discussion about the power of podcasting and how and why you could use it to help inspire others as well as build your person brand.

#80 Not being overwhelmed with overwhelm

Are you feeling overwhelmed with lots of pressure? Angelos and Mo discuss different ways that overwhelm can effect you and some ways to help you manage the overwhelm.

#079 New Year – New You

We are a week into the new year and have you started actioning all of your big plans? Angelos and Mo discuss the importance of continued effort throughout the year and taking advantage of the new year break to recharge and refocus.