#130 Running a business from a yacht? Nicole Bremner describes running a business whilst abroad.

Have you ever wanted to run a business whilst abroad? Nicole Bremner talks to Angelos about the advantages and disadvantages of doing this.

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#129 From losing an arm in an accident to training to row across the Atlantic – the story of Dan Richards!

Dan Richards is an inspirational man who has overcome losing an arm and fought on and has since achieved incredible feats such as competing in the Invictus games, cycling 350 miles across north France, an extra in a Star Wars film, model, host of Channel 4’s Naked Beach and much more!

Check out this Your Success Podcast episode!

#128 Property Sourcing in a Pandemic world – with Tina Walsh

Property sourcing – what is it and how do you become compliant? Angelos talks with compliance expert Tina Walsh

#127 How to become a Master of The Law of Attraction – with Andrew Kap

Ever wanted to channel the law of attraction to help give your life/career a big boost? Angelos interviews bestselling author Andrew Kap about his book, The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read!

#126 How to become a great leader – with Ollie Phillips!

Ever wanted to become a more effective leader? Angelos talks with former England Rugby Captain Ollie Phillips about common myths and misconceptions about being a leader and gives us great insights on good and bad leadership!

#125 An update and opportunities from the world of property and lending! – with Dave Ottley

We are living in a uncertain world at the moment! Angelos sits down with Dave Ottley of Balance for Business to discuss the current state of lending and opportunities that exist today!

#124 How a trip to Japan created a multinational health brand – a chat with founder Leane Tilley!

Angelos has a chat with founder Leane Tilley about her amazing journey and the challenges involved with creating her brand, Kineta!

#122 Getting to Grip with Finances – with Jackie and David Tomes!

Getting to grip with your finances is essential to running any kind of successful business. In this episode, Angelos discusses various ways with Jackie and David Tomes about how to get to grip with it all!

#121 Angelos’ journey so far – the highs and lessons learnt!

Angelos Sanders is an entrepreneur and he is interviewed to discuss his journey so far. He talks about his highs and lessons learnt in the worlds of property and business.

#120 – £120k entrance fee – a very expensive lesson! – Property Nightmares Book special edition

Roy Inman talks about his impressive property career! He delves into how his rapid expansion caused depression and how he overcame it – A Property Nightmares Book SPECIAL Edition! www.propertynightmares.co.uk