About Us

A little bit about Angelos and Mo and how Your Success Podcast began.

Let us introduce ourselves

Angelos Sanders

Angelos Sanders loves being an entrepreneur and has built multiple successful businesses.

He has built a significant property portfolio, working alongside joint venture partners. He lives by the mantra “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

He created a successful events business called The Professional Investment Group – www.pig.network. PIG started with just 7 people in Angelos’ living room and has now expanded to over 700 members. PIG members meet once a month to learn from high quality speakers about property, business and personal development.

Angelos enjoys helping other businesses become more efficient and driving them forward with a clear vision and purpose.

Angelos’ other passions include history, specifically Ancient Greece and Rome, and has been on several archaeological excavations in Greece; consider him a poor man’s Indiana Jones 😉

He is also a massive Star Trek fan, but no one is perfect 🙂

Let us introduce ourselves

Mo Haykir

Murat Haykir (Mo) is a full time property investor and developer, following a successful career in banking.

Mo has started several successful 6 and 7-figure property businesses in the past few years, covering property development and property management, and he is also investing in growing his own property portfolio.

Mo’s passion is for strategy, business growth and process improvement. In his spare time, Mo enjoys going to the gym and going out for dinner with friends.

How Your Success Podcast began...

Angelos was laying on a hot sunny Gran Canaria beach thinking about creating a podcast (whilst on his honeymoon, but don’t tell his wife that), when Mo messaged him asking whether he would consider starting a podcast together. That was in September 2017.

Talk about synchronicity!

Fast forward to now, and Your Success Podcast has been downloaded 10,000’s of times all around the globe, we have interviewed some outstanding people from all walks of life, we have our first sponsor and their message will be heard in so many places and we are writing a book together!

We have so many great discussions and interviews in the pipeline for you to learn from so stay tuned for many more exciting episodes and announcements coming your way.

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